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Sinc function

This MATLAB function returns an array, y, whose elements are the sinc of the elements of the input, x. Perform ideal bandlimited interpolation of a random signal sampled at integer spacings. Assume that the signal to interpolate, x, is 0 outside of the given time interval and has been sampled at the Nyquist frequency. ...

Tangent, Cotangent, Secant, and Cosecant

2008-5-31 · The range of cscx is the same as that of secx, for the same reasons (except that now we are dealing with the multiplicative inverse of sine of x, not cosine of x).Therefore the range of cscx is cscx ‚ 1 or cscx • ¡1: The period of cscx is the same as that of sinx, which is 2….Since sinx is an odd function, cscx is also an odd function. Finally, at all of the points where cscx is ...


2013-7-13 · Also, the short dimension is the one whose entries you want to calculate similarities between. Let''s call this dimension the ''item'' dimension. If this is the case, list your ''items'' in rows and create A using scipy.sparse .

Javascript (JS) Tutorial

We can calculate sin, cos, tan, arc cosine, arc sine, arc tan values. The get the value for angle or degree, e.g: sin (30 o ), convert the degree to radians when using Math.sin method. i.e: Math.sin (30*Math.PI/180). Below table lists the methods and their usage. Math.sin (x) where x in radians returns the sine value of x.

How to Calculate Acceleration: The 3 Formulas You Need

2021-9-16 · a =. v ( f) − v ( i) t ( f) − t ( i) In this acceleration equation, v ( f) is the final velocity while is the v ( i) initial velocity. T ( f) is the final time and t ( i) is the initial time. Some other things to keep in mind when using the acceleration equation: You need to subtract the initial velocity from the final velocity.

Microeconomics Topic 6: "Be able to explain and …

2013-4-26 · Topic 6: "Be able to explain and calculate average and marginal cost to make production decisions." Reference: Gregory Mankiw''s Principles of Microeconomics, 2nd edition, Chapter 13. Long-Run versus Short-Run In order to understand average cost and marginal cost, it is first necessary to understand

Electricity Cost Calculator

Electricity Cost Calculator. Our energy calculator allows you to calculate the running cost of any electrical items using a range of electricity tariffs. Simply enter the amount of electricity the appliance uses (in Watts or KiloWatts) and the length of time it is used (in Hours or Minutes), then instantly see the cost. Select tariff:

How an Induction Motor Works by Equations (and Physics)

2017-4-4 · Induction Motor Equations ENGN1931F – Spring 2017 2 Let ω ω ω L R S and be the angular velocities of the magnetic field (line frequency), rotor, and slip respectively. For convenience we assume that ϕ= 0 at t = 0, which implies ϕ ω= R t and ω ω ω S L R= −. The flux in the single-turn coil on the rotor surface is


2000-9-30 · To calculate the subchord, C = 2R sin (∆/2) may be used. This equation is the special case of the long chord and the total deflection angle. The general case can be stated as follows: C = 2R sin deflection angle Any subchord can be computed if its deflection angle is known. First chord: C = 2 X 400 x sin 0o14''01'' = 3.2618 m

Integral Calculator • With Steps!

Practice. The Integral Calculator lets you calculate integrals and antiderivatives of functions online — for free! Our calculator allows you to check your solutions to calculus exercises. It helps you practice by showing you the full working (step by step integration). All common integration techniques and even special functions are supported.

Derivative of the Sine and Cosine

2021-7-7 · Similarly, we can calculate the derivative of the cosine function by re-using the knowledge that we have gained in finding the derivative of the sine function. Substituting for f(x) = cos x: The addition formula is now applied to expand the cos(x + h) term as follows: cos(x + y) = cos x cos y + sin x sin y. Which again leads to the summation of ...

C Program to Find Cos x

2021-2-28 · Index « Previous Next ». Question. Write a program to compute cosine of x.The user should supply x and a positive integer n. We compute the cosine of x using the series and the computation should use all terms in the series up through the term involving x n. cos x = 1 - x 2 /2! + x 4 /4! - x 6 /6! ..... Source Code

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Calculator ''s sole focus is to provide fast, comprehensive, convenient, free online calculators in a plethora of areas. Currently, we have around 200 calculators to help you "do the math" quickly in areas such as finance, fitness, health, math, and others, and we are still developing more.

7.1.3 Geometry of Horizontal Curves

2002-10-28 · cos 1 E R (7.13) Example 7.5 A 7-degree horizontal curve covers an angle of 63o15''34". Determine the radius, the length of the curve, and the distance from the circle to the chord M. Solution to Example 7.5 Rearranging Equation 7.8,with D = 7 degrees, the curve''s radius R can be computed. Equation 7.9 allows

Motor Starting & Running Current Calculator

Similarly, Full-load Current, sometimes abbreviated as I full-load is the current required for an AC induction motor to run with its maximum load or rated power. The measurement unit for current is Amperes often used as amps. Formulas to calculate …

Capacitor Bank calculator or kVAR Calculation Formula ...

2021-9-25 · Required Reactive Power MVAR = P (MW) x tan (cos-1 (PF 1)- cos-1 (PF 2)) Example: A three-phase motor has 100kW real power load at operating at 0.7pf, we need to improve the power factor to 0.96. Let we calculate the required reactive power in kVAR or capacitor bank to be connected across the motor? Here, PF 1 = 0.7. PF 2 = 0.96

How to calculate the resultant force acting on an object ...

Step 1. Calculate the horizontal component of the resultant. Observation: If the calculation is done on hand-held calculator of a software application, the argument of the cos () function must be given in radians, for example: Step 2. Calculate the vertical component of the resultant.


2007-8-28 · cos ∆ 2 - 5729.578 4. ... Calculate the tangent distance and tangent offset for each station: β = 100 Stationing For each station to be established: γ = D β * station number on curve TD = R sin γ TO = R ( 1 - cos γ ) FOR 373 Fall Semester 8 Tangent Offset Method . FOR 373 Fall Semester 9 Chord Offsets: The chord offset method of laying ...

Introduction to XRPD Data Analysis

2012-4-18 · – Calculate and correct for specimen displacement when solving lattice parameters – Calculate and account for microstrain broadening when calculating crystallite size – Improve precision by one or two orders of magnitude Slide ‹#› of 20 Scott A Speakman, Ph.D. [email protected]

How To Find Average Speed (Formula & Examples)

Calculate the tarpon''s average speed like this: s = 105 m i l e s 3 h o u r s, which means the fish can travel at an average speed of 35 m p h. A bluefin tuna''s formula would look like this: s = 286 m i l e s 6.5 h o u r s, so the fish has an average speed of 44 m p h .

Derivative Calculator • With Steps!

It helps you practice by showing you the full working (step by step differentiation). The Derivative Calculator supports computing first, second, …, fifth derivatives as well as differentiating functions with many variables (partial derivatives), implicit differentiation and calculating roots/zeros. You can also check your answers!

How to Calculate Encoder Resolution | Dynapar

2021-9-24 · How to Calculate Encoder Resolution Encoder resolution is the number of pulses per revolution (PPR) or bits output by the encoder during one 360 degree revolution of the encoder shaft or bore. If an encoder has insufficient resolution, it will not provide effective feedback to the controller and the system will not perform as required.

Law of Cosines Calculator

2021-8-5 · The law of cosines calculator can help you solve a vast number of triangular problems. You will learn what is the law of cosines (also known as the cosine rule), the law of cosines formula, and its applications.Scroll down to find out when and how to use the law of cosines and check out the proofs of this law.

Applications of the Gauss-Newton Method

2013-5-6 · The final values of u and v were returned as: u=1.0e-16 *-0.318476095681976 and v=1.0e-16 *0.722054651399752, while the total number of steps run was 3 should be noted that although both the exact values of u and v and the location of the points on the circle will not be the same each time the program is run, due to the fact that random points are generated, the …

Computer Organization and Architecture Characteristics …

2011-1-9 · —Processor can run on cache while another bus master uses the bus • Con: —More expensive than look-aside, cache misses slower Mapping Function • There are fewer cache lines than memory blocks so we need —An algorithm for mapping memory into cache lines —A means to determine which memory block is in which cache line • Example elements:

How to calculate length of roof rafters and ...

2021-9-26 · How to calculate length of roof rafters. Let us now discuss some common terms are used in figure out length of roof rafters. 1) Rafters of roof:- distance between the top ridge on roof or hip of the roof to the wall plate of external wall. 2) span of roof :-span of roof is the clear distance between the two supporting arc,beam, external brick wall or beam truss.

Forces: Equilibrium Examples

2015-8-25 · Calculate force necessary to keep the 5 kg block from sliding down a frictionless incline of 20 degrees. q N T W x W y W x = W sin q W y = W cos q Now: Step 3 – Newton''s 2nd! x direction: F net, x = ma x System is in equilibrium (a = 0)! F net, x = 0 W x - T = 0 T = W x = W sin q mg sin q = (5kg)(9.8m/s2) sin(20o) T = 16.8 N