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The patented spinner system changes the way skates have been sharpened for hundreds of years. The spinner system uses a small 1" disc precision machined with an ROH (Radius of Hollow) or an FBV® (Flat Bottom V®) shape. These custom discs are diamond coated to dress the grinding stone with the specific shape.

The Best Skate Sharpener for 2021

2021-5-28 · Supplied with everything you need to start sharpening right out of the box. You get the Sparx skate sharpener ES 100, the Sparx grinding ring starter pack which consists of a 1/2″ and a 5/8″ hollow and also included is a 1/2″ FIRE flat bottom hollow too.

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2021-5-8 · Cag One makes an automatic sharpening machine and a computer controlled machine. ProSharp. ProSharp makes automated machines in benchtop and portable models. Included is a truly portable unit weighing only 22 pounds and capable of running on 12 VDC as well as 100-250 VAC. No carrying cases are available.

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Does your facility have skate sharpening services? Most do, which is why we partner with top skate sharpening machine manufactures for you. Not sure what you need? Have a look through our catalog or talk to one of our representatives. Download our Catalog. Call Becker Arena Products at 800-234-5522 to place your order today!

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Wissota Skate Sharpeners manufactures American-made skate sharpening machines that are unsurpassed in accuracy, precision, durability, and ease of use.

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 · The Blackstone X02 "Team Portable Machine" is a real workhorse (45 lbs) and will give many years of reliable service. The patent pending "Spinner" dresses the wheel face instantly with unequalled precision. The Spinners are available in popular shapes, can be changed in seconds and provide all the sharpening …

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Blackstone Multiple Head Machines are perfect for medium to high volume shops. With a dedicated cross grind head and either 1 or 2 finishing heads, shaping skates and putting a perfect edge on a skate is easy. Machines are available with Dual Cyclone or Filter Exhaust System, and Single Point, Spinner and Revolver Finishing heads.

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How the Radius of Hollow transforms into the Flat Bottom V®. Take the depth of the hollow and make it as close to the ice as possible. Create solid, straight, travel points from the edge of the blade to the bottom of the shape. Determine the perfect combination of width and depth for the skater''s desired bite. The skater enjoys the benefits!

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I can offer both conventional hollow sharpening and flat bottom V (FBV) hollow options with this professional grade portable Blackstone skate sharpening machine. The majority of the skaters who use this service still prefer the conventional hollow sharpening and frankly I''m better at conventional hollow than FBV.


The global leader in skate sharpening machines, equipment and accessories, Blademaster is the official supplier for Hockey Canada and USA Hockey. You cannot place an order from United States. Please use the dropdown below to select the appropriate store (if applicable). ×


Blackstone Skate Sharpening Machine model X-02. I have 2 skate holders, Bat Gauge, 14 spinners flat and hollow grind, 4 new stones and carrying case. 1500bo. THIS MACHINE IS IN GREAT SHAPE. This machine sells new for well over 3000

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K & K Skate. Shop our assortment of blades, profiling, sharpening, Howies, and more. Contact us if you don''t see what you''re looking for. Shop Now. Research your optimal custom skate profile using our comprehensive one stop guide. We offer free consultations if you need assistance. Prosharp Profiling. Explore Blackstone Flat Bottom V (FBV ...

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2020-8-12 · FBV® is a breakthrough skate sharpening architecture that offers a perfect blend of speed and agility. Blackstone has created a unique blade hollow that allows for additional glide while maintaining consistent bite. The flat bottom shape of the blade allows the skate to glide across the top of the ice rather than cut through it.

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Skate Sharpening. We take pride in our skate sharpening. We purchased a brand new Blackstone Triple head machine to give our customers a perfect edge on their skates every time. We offer the revolutionary and patented Flat Bottom V which gives you competitive advantages like you''ve never experienced before. Superior endurance.

Blackstone X-02 Skate Sharpener (Used) for sale

 · Blackstone X-02 sharpener: About two years of very light use (Have gone through 4 wheels total) and well maintained (dusted and vacuumed regularly) Needs new wheels (you would be hard pressed to get another sharpening out of the wheel currently on there) Has original style holder, not Tri-lie holder

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A Figure Skate Sharpening Machine, version 1

2018-8-23 · The grinding wheel comes from Blackstone ® who makes commercial figure skate sharpening machines. This wheel is 100 grit and specifically designed for figure skate sharpening. I dress the wheel with a diamond coated bobbin also sold by Blackstone. This is how I form the 7/16" radius of hollow. Under the grinding wheel is my follower wheel.

6 Best Skate Sharpeners In 2021 | Brief Review ...

6 Best Skate Sharpeners In 2021 | For having smooth and seamless skid on the ice, you must have your skates blade got sharpened. This you can do with the help of a skate sharpener quite easily. We have listed down below the best ice hockey skate sharpeners that you can opt for as per your requirements like on top of the list is the Sparx skate …


2019-10-8 · DupliSkate of Montreal, QC, has been manufacturing skate sharpening machines since 1981. With a solid reputation in the Canadian Tire group, a recognised NHL preferred rink equipment supplier, and a rich history in automation, Blackstone …

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Increase strength, improve technique. and perform explosive exercises. Get the most out of our technology. Quality. Consistency. Reliability. Our products and team are here for you. Call us today to see how Blackstone. can help you improve your.


Blackstone Skate Sharpening Machine model X-02. I have 2 skate holders, Bat Gauge, 14 spinners flat and hollow grind, 4 new stones and carrying case. 1795bo. THIS MACHINE IS IN GREAT SHAPE. This machine sells new for well over 3000

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Blackstone G-02. Ice Skate Sharpening Machines Blackstone® G-02 Single Head Tabletop Machines are perfect for low volume shops. With one finishing head and two exhaust ports, hooking up a dust removal system is easy. Machines are …

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The Blackstone® "Revolving Spinner" Portable Skate Sharpening System is perfect for a traveling team, pro team or a pro shop. This machine is built for serious skate sharpeners. The wooden travel case is very sturdy and durable which provides great protection to your machine …

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2021-9-26 · Blackstone JC-04. We are selling our triple head Blackstone JC-04 skate sharpener. Includes: Revolver Spinner System 2 Finishing Heads 1 Cross Grind Head One standard tri lie holder. One goalie tri lie holder 10 different spinners in …

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